Thursday, May 29, 2014

Roadside Stands

 I drive an hour to work and another hour home 5 days a week. It becomes exhausting, and Lord knows I've voiced my complaints about it. I complain about driving to a good job, one that I love (most of the time), in an air conditioned car, usually accompanied by my favorite music or an audiobook, through my favorite scenes on Earth. I pass by the most beautiful swamps, pastures of horses and cows, beautiful wildflowers and roadside stands selling fresh local produce and handmade goods and I complain. What's wrong with me? I read this poem today, and it really made me feel a tad ashamed of the things I take for granted.
Give me the gift of time
 to travel the byways
and back roads
And fresh eyes to see
fat, contented cows
grazing in green lush pastures
of sweet sweet clover
And the privilege to stop
where and when I please
at any roadside stand
for big Vidalia onions
and ripe Elberta peaches
-Gwen Barlow

So next time, before I begin to complain, I will think of this poem, roadside stands, and all the many wonderful things I have to be thankful for.

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