Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall Blooms

It’s October. It’s finally cooling down…a little. The plants and animals seem to feel it, and I’m trying. Millet and goldenrod wave in wetlands greeting the waterfowl that are making their yearly flight from up north. They come to feast themselves into food comas on tubers and seeds much like we do with the Thanksgiving Turkey that will soon be served. Fall is here. It’s pumpkin this and apple that. I think I’ll decorate a pumpkin this weekend. Fall makes you want to do things of that sort, instead of drowning in your own sweat, it gives you refreshment. And the dogs, oh the dogs go crazy, they love it. We hope to take them camping this fall, since we had to leave them on our last trip. Our summer doldrums are fading, and I'm so happy Fall has arrived!


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog on Southern Blog Society! The boyfriend and I will be moving down there from Virginia one day (he's from Mississippi but has a job opportunity in NOLA), and I can't wait. He says it really does stay warm all year long. Is that true? I can't wait!


    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for the visit. Your mister is right, we have little spurts of cold throughout winter, but don't be surprised if your holiday attire consists of short sleeves and sandals! It has its pros and cons, but I really enjoy living down here.