Monday, April 20, 2015

A Walk in City Park

Sometimes it's easy to overlook the beauty of familiar things. We grow accustomed to our surroundings forgetting to take it all in. I have never hidden the fact that I am completely biased to my home state. The more I live in it and get to know it, the more I love my southern Louisiana community. Sometimes though, I find myself taking it for granted. So many experiences I miss going on right in front of my eyes. This past weekend, Trent and I took the dogs for a simple walk in City Park, but it was just what I needed to slow down and smell the magnolias. Not to mention, Norris and Cooper had so much fun. Norris waded into the water for a nice cool dip, while Cooper barked at it frighteningly. Oh man, those two keep me entertained. We also came across a handsome Tricolored Heron who was kind enough to allow me to snap a few pictures. Here's to keeping the overlooking to a minimum and taking in as much as possible.

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