Friday, May 27, 2016

Grand Isle

I am over the moon to share that the Grand Isle pattern I designed for Quince and Co. is now available! Quince yarns are some of my favorite, and I have peace of mind using their yarns knowing they were made ethically and with so much love. This week, they dedicated the whole week to just crochet designs, and I love them even more for that. Crochet doesn't get a lot of love in the fiber community, which makes me glum sometimes being that crochet is part of my soul. I think people don't see the beautiful and modern designs that can be created using crochet, and I am honored to be able to share one of my very own creations. This design is perfect for all levels of crocheters, even ones who have never picked up a hook before. If that's the case, I hope this can be your first, and that you get hooked, because crochet really is a wonderful, relevant, therapeutic, feel-good centuries old craft that is certainly not lost. Head over to the Quince Blog for more about Grand Isle and to see the other lovely patterns from Crochet Week!

All photos by Quince and Co.

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