Friday, January 22, 2016

Pear Preserves

This past fall, Trent and I picked 40 pounds (!!!) of pears off of our pear tree. Our home and this tree are new to us, since we just moved in last May, and so this was our first harvest. Since we had such an abundance of fruit, I decided to try my hand a preserving and share our goods with friends and family if it turned out ok! I ordered this preserving kit, and my sweet mawmaw and aunt came over to help. We had the best day^_^ I used the pear butter recipe from the Food in Jars cookbook for my first batch of preserving and it turned out wonderfully! I used it to top my vanilla ice cream, spread on biscuits, and top pancakes. I did another batch of preserving with the remainder of my pears and used this recipe to make a batch of pear vanilla jam, and man oh man was it good. So sweet and yummy. We pretty much slathered it on everything. I hope to make this a yearly tradition, and can't wait to try a few new pear preserving recipes this year in addition to the ones from last year! I took a snapshot of our pear tree last week, because the leaves are turning golden and it truly is a beautiful sight. You can see it below. Happy canning!

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