Monday, March 7, 2016

His & Hers Handmade Socks

I know that His & Hers things are quite cheesy, buuutt I can't help but love them. Especially because I love the His to my Hers so much. I see several of our newlywed friends wearing the Hubby and Wifey tees and many poke fun. I adore those sweet cheesy t-shirts so much, because it shows the love and excitement you have for each other and how proud you are of your His or Her. It's extremely endearing to me. As for the socks, I have never crocheted socks before and decided I NEEDED handmade wool socks in my wardrobe ASAP. I also thought I should make my husband a pair, because for as much as I knit and crochet, for myself and others, I never seem to make him anything. I think this is largely due to him being a man, and I feel a lot of crocheted items that I make are for the most part feminine. Wool socks are universally needed by everyone, so I set off to make both of us a pair. Then, I found this cable sock pattern and decided they would be matching, because like I said earlier, matching couples things are endearing and I love them.

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