Thursday, August 25, 2016

Five Feet High and Rising

How high's the water, mama?
Two feet high and risin'
How high's the water, papa?
She said it's two feet high and risin'

We can make it to the road in a homemade boat
That's the only thing we got left that'll float
It's already over all the wheat and oats,
Two feet high and risin'
- Johnny Cash

We awoke to gray skies and muddy water inching in quickly from Bayou Manchac to the North and our creek to the south. It didn't come as any surprise that the creek had flooded, and in fact we had stocked up on groceries knowing we may be stuck on our side of the road for several days. It's when I stepped out onto the back porch and realized I could go fishing right off the edge into my backyard that I started to worry a bit. He advised me to use what water I needed and fill up the bath-tubs because he was shutting off the water pump before it became inundated. As i was filling up the kettle to make us coffee (because clearly my priorities were sound), he came in and decided we should quickly pack a bag and get out while we could. So, we and our dogs boarded a kind neighbor's pirogue and floated through our flooded little  street as our magnolia blooms waved us farewell. 

We didn't return until five days later, in another small kayak that a wonderfully nice stranger let us borrow. By the grace of God, our tiny blue house managed to stay dry. Out of the flood waters in the backyard, one little zinnia from my garden stuck through and I wanted to cry out of happiness and exhaustion. It is a bitter-sweet thought to know your home is safe, while your friends and family and community have lost so much. These days have been emotionally and physically taxing. We have spilled blood, sweat (so much sweat), and tears because of this flood. We have laughed and cried and hugged. Everyone is doing what they can to help, and through this devastation, it's so nice to be reminded how loving and kind our community is. I'm so proud to be a part of it. Stay strong my sweet sweet Louisianians. And to you non-locals, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we slowly but surely rebuild our home.

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