Friday, September 16, 2016

Little Things

The Little Things posts are links to a few things I am loving lately. A good day revolves around good and happy moments, gratefulness, and  sometimes delighting in little things that make your heart smile. I hope these links bring a little joy to your day, too. 

A glad heart is excellent medicine.
Proverbs 17:22

I have never taken a Craftsy class before, but all of their bread classes are sure enticing.

This quote by Robert A. Ward is one of the most loveliest things I have ever read.

Brooklyn Tweed released their Fall collection this week, and I am swooning over the His and Hers heme. My favorites are the Auster design for him and the Spearheads design for her.

Another design released this week is Tavia, the sweetest most elegant and romantic knit skirt you could imagine. I already have an extra skein of Finch in this colorway, so I may just be casting on ANOTHER project this weekend.

This pan-fried fish recipe has been cooked for supper several times in the last few months at my house. It is simple and fresh and delicious. I highly reccomend!

I've added this rosewater facial spray to my daily routine after I apply my moisturizer in the morning and evenings and I love how fresh and clean it makes my skin feel!

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