Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crocheted Mug Cozy

Trent and I treated ourselves to a coffee grinder and French press recently, because French press coffee is so yummy. Fresh coffee really makes for a good morning. We have been using local coffee beans from French Truck Coffee, and we both really love it so far. I made these simple crocheted mug cozies to go along with our new French Press, so I don't burn my hands after the fresh hot coffee hits the mug. A very cute solution I think. Here's the pattern:

Materials: 4mm hook, a very small amount of yarn, button, needle and thread, scissors

Abbreviations: Chain Stitch (ch), Double Crochet (dc), Single Crochet (sc), Slip Sitch (ss)

ch 27. ss into first ch to join both ends.
Row 1: ch 1. sc around. ss into the top of the first sc.
Row 2: ch 2. dc into first 25 ch stitches. (2 ch stitches should be left open) turn.
Row 3-4: ch 2. dc around. turn.
Round 5: ch 2. dc around. ch 10. sc into third ch from hook (this is the button hole).
Round 6: sc into the rest of the chains and in each dc from Round 5 around.
Fasten Off and weave in the end.

Sew your button on the opposite side of the clasp and button hole you made (use pictures for reference). I tried this mug cozy on several sizes of mugs, and it fit all of them, so hopefully it fits most standard mugs. Enjoy your coffee, tea, cider, etc. with your new drinkware accessory;)

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